Hoya Hub Help

What is Hoya Hub?

Hoya Hub is a powerful tool that will save you and your staff time working with Hoya. It's easily accessible on the web on any device you need it to be. Here are some of the things that it can do for you;

  • Give you easy access to your orders! Search and find the current status of your active orders, and look through your shipped and historical orders
  • View orders shipped today and track the delivery to your chosen location
  • Search and view your invoices and statements
  • View or download up to date Hoya technical documents relevant to your business
  • Access to your training and marketing information
  • Link out to other important Hoya websites from your new Hoya Hub dashboard
  • You can set employees up with their own access and control their permissions within the hub to help with their day to day work

How do I get access to Hoya Hub?

Set up is quick and easy to get you using the Hoya Hub. If you are the main Hoya contact known as the Practice Owner, speak to your Hoya Sales Representative and they will be able to arrange for a registration email to be sent to the email address they have on record for you. You then just have to follow the simple steps in that email to get you all set up and ready to go!

If you are an employee speak to your Practice Owner and see if they can add you to Hoya Hub through their access.

I have an account but I am having trouble logging in

If you are having trouble accessing your Hoya Hub, we have a dedicated team ready to help you! Just visit our contact page to find out who to get in touch with, and we can get you back in to your Hoya Hub!